Lip care. Lip leaving items. Problems and illnesses lips


Lip care - an important component of the overall care of a skin and aging body. Lips is the most magnetically part of a female aging body for men, and so look lips must accordingly. Problems and illnesses lips are common, as that medication of disease states quite clearly in every case...

How to do lovely lips: the secret seductive lips

A lot of men first draw striving on a woman 18 years old's lips, and thus, you should be expressive, delicate and nice. Lips should attract the eye without words, mesmerizing men. A secret to lovely lips seductively - in the proper maintenance of them. To create your lips more expressive, we...

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Facial skin Attention after summer: complete-dry face, pigmentation, weak vessels


Skin leaving later a summer... In a beginning of autumn sun is still bright, as do not forget approximately a protective cosmetics for skin with SPF filter: 15. Brownness spots no color. Most likely, you did not apply a perezagorali sufficient protection from UV rays. A question of weak vessels familiar to many women...

Assorted type of facial skin. Caring for a mix (combined) skin

You keep a mixed type of skin? So, I Think about you must read this article to the end.

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Causes of sensitive skin


It is yet possible to list the main reasons why the face becomes sensitive.

Improper leaving can frazzle the skin, and it becomes too sensitive. This can occur with a apply of small-quality cosmetics, which includes mineral butter, petroleum items, or failure to use protective serum. Face can not tolerate such therapy indefinitely - destroy lipid layer of a protective function.

At times there is a skin, which is called unstable, it may be in a time of extraordinary sensitivity, and then again back to ordinary. These periods may last up to 2 years, and most often associated with stress, which is going through your body - disease, trauma, treatment with antibiotics, severe fatigue, etc.

Sensitive facial skin may be of any type, after infectious, gastrointestinal, skin, and endocrine diseases, or due to allergies. In this case, however well, and in many others, restore facial skin hygiene can only solve all heartiness problems - or do not help by any means.

Maybe so that a facial skin is prone to sensitivity of birth: it is thin and very dry, it contains very little fat, and the horny layer is thin and protective pigment produced very little.

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Facial skin masks - an indispensable tool for facial skin care


Masks - the best technique to speedily moisturize, soothe, deep clean the skin. You enjoy a good effect and act so first aid alone if picked up according to face type and are used according to the leads clearly.

Masks are toning, reduces pores, nourishing and healing. Use a skin cover, depending on what goals they request to reach. If, after a long time, the skin is tired and has lost its freshness, and you urgently require to go to some party or vacation, so the demand toning skin care mask. If the face is very dry and prone to wrinkles - you need a nourishing cover, and for any skin - pores.

Thus, face covers get different functions and are divided into some types.

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Covers for sensitive face


Peeling skin will soften the mask of boiled potatoes. It want be boiled in your skins small potato, peeled and crushed. When the potatoes will be slightly warm, it need be imposed on a person for 15 minutes and then ablution off - all very simple. You can add to this a potatoes 1 tbsp natural milk and 1 tsp. Olive oil - this cover will be more nutritious, and does a skin gentle. Mashed potatoes can be mixed with raw egg TWO tbsp mashed potatoes and fresh egg - this mask rightly nourishes and moisturizes the face.

Some women may not wash out with soap and water - a skin is however sensitive, and even sparing a foams and gels may cause irritation.

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Fine lips. Lip attention


Smooth lips. As to create a lips shine and prettily at home

Lips - the most seductive and attractive part of a girl 18 years old's skin. Caring for a skin, it need be remembered that a lips do not request less maintenance. With careful maintenance and weekly care of the lips will ever be polish, gentle and seductive. We propose recipes home folk and cosmetics...

The cracks on the lips. Therapy of cracks on a lips: home remedies and vitamins

The lovely of lips has always been serious for gerls.

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Moisturizing and nourishing. Time and night creams


Lack of h2o in the aging body ages the skin, reducing its elasticity, promotes wrinkles. How of the cleaning the skin to moisturize. There are limited moisturizers, facial skin covering an invisible protective layer. A general purpose of per day cream - moisturizing a skin and keeping the evaporation of its own moisture...

Pick up maintenance of face in winter: thoroughly washing, select a means to attention and salon treatment

Our skin, adapting to different weather conditions, changes its general properties. With cold-blooded weather and reduced daylight reduces a production of sebum. Any face is moderately female, normal close to very dry, very dry becomes more dry and sensitive.

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